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Encaged in deep walls of intense darkness and despair, our soul is searching blindly for something to fill that vacant space which exists there ,with no air through which your sound can travel,with no light through which your eyes can see; a kind of a vacuum which needs to be filled.
Have you ever wondered why we always feel that something is missing in these cheerful smiles, in this “picture perfect” lifestyle, in these splendid, magnificent buildings, in these crowded places where life seems to be in perfect harmony with everything that exists, in these concerts where everyone sings with a level of exhilaration on its peak and where every single person seems to be the most contented person in the entire universe? And, ofcourse in the deep core of our heart? It is like we all are lacking something; something which is invisible but has profound impact on ourselves.Is this happiness or satisfaction which we are lacking?
Everything around us seems to be so perfect,so ideal and flawless that now we all are blindly searching for one thing: Imperfection.We are looking for that freedom which once existed in every single action, in every single move.Freedom is actually the second name for satisfaction and comfort.
Nothing in this universe can offer peace to our soul ,no one is capable of healing the wound which exists in our soul. Only WE are the ones responsible for guiding ourselves to the right path,to the road which leads to a beautiful destination, named Freedom. Our self made barriers of honour,self-esteem and perfection are a hindrance to our eternal peace and happiness. How awful or absurd it may seem to look for imperfection when everyone else is running after perfection, but It is the only key which can unlock the door of ‘inner peace’, the only candle which can enlighten our soul. We have just trapped ourselves in the cage of precision,greatness and excellence. We no more care about the uniqueness and individuality, which is our basic right.We are no more interested in worrying about the tension that prevails within our soul when we forcefully do things in which we are least interested.We don’t give any attention to the sufferings which we have endured just in greed of appreciation and fame.Have you ever bothered why we just turn a deaf ear to all this stuff? Why we think it a taboo to be ‘ourselves’.Why are we just trying to ‘fit in’ ?
There is a need to pay heed to what we actually want. The thing which we all are rapidly losing is ‘ourselves’.The thing which is missing in our fading smiles is ‘ourselves’. We are just too busy to imitate others that we have forgotten who WE are . We are too busy in making ourselves ’perfect’ for others that we have forgotten the pleasure of being perfect for ourselves.We only value the appreciation that comes from outside forgetting the peace that the ‘inner appreciation’ offers.
So learn to appreciate yourself for what you are ,what you were,and what you might be. Never regret that moment when you were declared an outcast or you were laughed at , just because you followed your heart. Only then your soul will be successful in filling that vacant hole with happiness and peace.


It is a rule so it’s right,Right?

“ Ban on women studying at schools,
Whipping of women in public if they
are not accompanied by a ‘mehram’
Ban on use of cosmetics. Ban on
Women’s riding bicycles or motorbikes
Ban on women laughing loudly”

You might be wondering about the above mentioned text. What do you think it can be? Script
from a book, describing the restrictions on women, a thousand years ago? Or the words of a
feminist , just exaggerating the Injustices faced by women? Well, you will be shocked to know
that the text is actually a set of ‘rules’. In my opinion these are not the guidelines or the
principles, but a way to reveal your hatred and express your sentiments against women.Yes,
you are right.These were the rules and regulations for women in Afghanistan by Taliban.These
rules deny citizens their basic human rights. The already unstable situation of Afghan women in
society was turned completely upside-down during the Taliban rule. Taliban became notorious
internationally because of their narrow-mindedness,which is clearly reflected through their
radical views and rules.
The purpose of taking you back 30 years to Taliban rule was just to provide evidence for
supporting my view point.Rules are the laws, regulations or guidelines.But who is responsible
for making these rules? Of course, Human beings.And who is responsible to follow them?The
answer is same. Doesn’t it seems absurd that one person, manifesting his opinions,make a set
of rules and then others become devout followers, without finding the logic behind these rules
and ends up becoming extremists.Some people may claim that because these are the rules,so
they will guide us to the right path and thus it’s better to follow them.(as if these rules are made
up by Aliens,while sitting on Mars).
The set of restrictions on women by Taliban were also, what we call ‘RULES’.So it means it is
our obligation to follow them frantically? If the answer is Yes, then what about the sufferings that
women have endured because of such stupid laws? Should we turn a deaf ear to them?Who
will be answerable for our disregard for the the adversities they were made to confront? We
cannot say that it is a Rule,​so it is right​.Would a rule still be right, even if it suppresses the
rights of a particular gender,caste or Creed?No,we cannot follow them blindly. If a particular rule
proved to be useful in one’s life then what does that mean? Should we adopt the same principle
just in the greed of success?NO because it’s not going to work.Everyone has a different
meaning for ‘life’ and for ‘success’.We cannot make others think the same as we do.
We all are bound to what we are told (or it’s better to say ‘taught’​). We never try to think
beyond that.There are some rules with no basis, no written form but still followed by millions.
And these are the rules made by the society​.Imagine a teenage girl who wants freedom. Now
what does that freedom mean to her? Obviously she wants to go outside,play football in the
ground.She wants to be free to go outside, roam around the streets, living the life she always wanted to live. But unfortunately she can’t.Why? Because she has always been told that such
games are just for boys. And so throughout her life,she keeps on thinking it as a rule.But then
she questions,Why is it just for boys? In which book it is written? Who has made such a rule?
Why are we following it? No answer, everything around seems to be dark.
Women are not allowed to drive​.It is a rule in Saudi Arabia and you expect women to play
football? It sound sarcastic.It is nothing more than a dream, waiting to be changed into
reality.Now do you see any point,any logic in this rule?If a man can drive than why not a
woman? If a rule prevents you from improving or maintaining,ignore it.
Sometimes we build the most complicated rules and regulations in which we trap ourselves.
Not only many particular decisions made according to the rules result in material Injustice but a
rule may systematically discriminate between the two genders. To follow such type of rules is to
ignore the most obvious demands of Justice and human rights. Henry David said
“Any fool can make a rule.And any fool will mind it.”
Woe to those who still believe that following the rules, made by “Mr. Nobody” can help them in
any way. Some may think it to be a futile argument but what I want to make clear is that there is
no need for people to implement their ideas on others. Everyone has a right to live his life without any restrictions.